BHK Associates is a specialized consulting group that provides management, credit, operational and regulatory consulting services to financial institutions, insurance companies and regulatory agencies, as well as real estate and financial services organizations.


Brian Kelley is a broadly experienced banking executive, lender and attorney who has served for over thirty years in lending and top management positions at both regional and larger commercial banks.  He has substantial background in a wide range of business, corporate, asset-based lending in diverse markets in the western, central and southwestern United States, as well as loan syndications/participations and problem loans.

Mr. Kelley’s career has included senior management and lending at both major banks and smaller community banking organizations, and in recent years he has been President, CEO and Director at several commercial banks.  This has included positions in management and growth of niche banks focused on business lending and commercial real estate finance, as the founding CEO of a successful de-novo bank, and as a turnaround executive at troubled institutions.

Mr. Kelley has also served as a bank’s in-house Legal Counsel and as an attorney in private practice focused on banking, lending, regulatory and commercial business.  During the past ten years, he has been retained as an expert and litigation consultant in a variety of cases; on banking matters; he has qualified and testified as an expert witness on lending practices, corporate finance, commercial real estate lending, and banking management and regulations.


Mr. Kelley has been personally engaged as an expert in over 100 matters, and has testified in State Court, before Juries and in Arbitration.  He has been qualified as an Expert Witness in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Vermont, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C.


• Bank Management & Governance
• Lending Policies, Custom & Practices
• Loan Underwriting & Credit Administration
• Compliance & Risk Assessment
• Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Workouts
• Valuations & Damages Assessments
• Executive Compensation & Stock Options
• TARP & Regulatory Directives
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Loan Syndications & Correspondent Banking
• Real Estate Management
• Valuations & Damages Assessments
• Regulatory Oversight
• Financial Derivatives
• Director/Officer Duties & Functions
• Construction Lending & Administration
• Construction Defects
• Project Administration & Delay Claims
• Lender Liability & Malfeasance
• Hotel Lending & Development
• Credit Report and Collection Activities